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PHP Tell A Friend Script

Script: Tell A Friend Script
Author: PHP-Learn-It
Demo: demo
Download Code: (4 KB)
Rating: Excellent

What can I do with tellafriend script?

Tell A Friend script will allow your visitors to send emails to their friends through your website to invite them to visit your website. This is will bring more traffic to your site and help your increase your web presence.

The download script is free and comes with install instructions. This free script comes with security measures in place. All data is validated before submitting. Check out the demo and download the script. If you're having trouble installing this script, email me.

If you like the script, I would appreciate a link back to this site. Thank You!


  1. Must have PHP web hosting
  2. Knowledge of FTP and file uploading
  3. Some knowledge of HTML and PHP (for modifying and installing the script)

- For PHP hosting try
- Don't have a FTP client? Try filezilla (it's free).
- Do you like the script and like to modify it but don't know how? You can email me and I can help you modify the script as you like.

Install Instructions

  1. Download the free tell_a_friend script here
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. The script comes with 2 core files, tell_a_friend_script.php and the install file.
  4. Extract all files to your drive.
  5. Important: Change "" to your website address on line 88 in tell_a_friend_script.php
  6. Upload the files (tell_a_friend_script.php and install.txt) to your web host.
  7. To link the tell a friend form, enter the following javascript code in your HTML between the head tags.
  8. <head>
    <script  type="text/javascript">
    	function popup(){'tell_a_friend.php', 'tellafriend_script',
  9. Next, link the form by using this hyperlink in your HTML
  10. <a href="javascript:popup()">Tell A Friend About THis Site</a>

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