6 Best Java Programming Books by Review Scores

6 Best Java Programming Books by Review Scores

Programming languages ​​can be difficult to get used to. This is especially true in languages ​​with different iterations. Java is one of these languages. Despite the similarity in names, Java has many features that set it apart from JavaScript, from its increased complexity to the differences in the way it works. Even for those familiar with JavaScript, Java is a whole different beast – a beast that even long-time programming experts will have difficulty with. Here are the 6 best review-based Java programming books for those who want to learn the language from scratch or brush up on their skills.

All the books on this list are ordered by the number of reviews they receive, as well as their average. This list will also focus on Java only, so don’t expect any “compile” material here.

6 Best Java Programming Books Based on Amazon Reviews

Programming with Java It is a book that has its purpose on its cover. It is a beginner-level resource that covers the pros and cons of Java. While some critics laud this resource as a truly great starting point, they also point out how many outdated concepts are in it. Although this book is half-newly published, it covers versions of Java that are not supported today. Despite its high review score, some critics note that the book isn’t all that great for beginners. This is attributed not only to his dated material, but also to how he presented his concepts. This book may be useful as supplementary material, but it should not be your only foundation as you begin your journey with Java.

Comments: 66% out of a total of 746 reviews gave this book 5 stars

List price: $25.49

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Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in Java It was created as a simple way to introduce newcomers to Java. It aims to help aspiring programmers find jobs at many well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft and Adobe. Critics noted the book’s tendency to provide helpful questions and make comparisons with other material. Unfortunately, they also noted formatting errors and many vague explanations. Contrary to the title of this book, this may be more valuable to those who have some skills in programming with Java. Beginners can still benefit from this book, but they will not find it as enlightening as novices.

Comments: Out of a total of 1,067 reviews, 57% gave this book 5 stars

List price: $39.99

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Core Java: An Integrated Approach even if it is not introduced in this way, it can be much more useful for beginners. It covers multiple versions of Java up to version 8, one of the few versions still officially supported. Even critical critics consider this book an excellent place to grasp the core concepts of Java and provides a great starting point for learning the language. You may need to know a little about programming to really understand it all, but no prior experience with Java is required.

With that in mind, it seems Core Java: An Integrated Approach has the exact opposite problem of Narasimha Karumanchi’s proposal. It offers a lot for beginners at the cost of not providing much for advanced users. Not every concept is fully explained, with some reviewers noting that important resources such as the Java Development Kit have been omitted. This might be a good book to start with, but you’ll probably need more under your belt if you really want to master Java. But don’t let the list price scare you! This book isn’t obsolete yet, but old enough to go on sale at much more affordable prices.

Comments: 67% of 1,217 reviews gave this book 5 stars

List price: $499.00 Paperback, $5.66 Digital

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As a resource for those more familiar with the language, Effective Java it is one of the better options out there. The content inside is complete and detailed, but it fails to be the best starting point for beginners. Some reviewers also noted poor print quality and issues with the digital version, but not everyone shares these issues.

Despite the problems encountered with Joshua Bloch’s proposal, there are much better things to be found here. Reviewers note that the material in the book is still relevant today, despite being released in 2017. It also gives explanations about various aspects of the programming language that some may not have explored before. True to its name, Effective Java is an effective book for those ready to dive into the language.

Comments: Out of 1,298 reviews, 84% gave this book 5 stars

List price: $54.99 Paperback, $43.99 Digital

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Java: Complete Reference If previous editions had been included, they would have appeared on this list more than once. Many reviewers praise it as one of the best resources any Java programmer can have. In fact, more critical reviews can be contradictory at times, with some claiming it lacks comprehensive material, while others argue the material is good, not examples. Apart from these criticisms, critics were generally satisfied with the quality of the book and the fact that it contained everything a programmer needs to know about Java. This is one of the best books anyone new to debating can get, especially if the beginner gets a more advanced book to match it.

Comments: Out of a total of 1,398 reviews, 78% gave this book 5 stars

List price: $60.00 Paperback, $54.00 Digital

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Manage Java First It may not be the best book for beginners, but it’s definitely the best beginner-friendly resource on this list. It takes on a more relaxed, friendly tone by presenting concepts and code from Java in a manner similar to child-friendly school textbooks. At first glance, it seems like a good choice for programmers of all ages to learn Java. However, this book was published in 2005. The third edition doesn’t have that many criticisms, but this should be considered before the second edition.

Comments: Out of a total of 1,798 reviews, 72% gave this book 5 stars

List price: $59.99

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What Should You Look For When Choosing The Best Java Programming Book For You?

Java is one of many programming languages ​​with a long history. In this context, it is not important that a book receives positive reviews as much as whether it is old or new. Many versions of Java are deprecated regularly, and only a few older versions have continued support. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure there aren’t too many mistakes in your material. Not knowing a programming language is one thing, but learning it completely wrong is another.

If you want to do some comparisons between Java and other languages, check out the best ones. JavaScript books and C++ books based on reviews!

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