DVIDS – News – US Army Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Commander Forum

DVIDS - News - US Army Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Commander Forum

by Exp. Airam B. Ben Amaro-Millan
1. Mission Support Command

CEIBA, Puerto Rico – The Commander Forum is a three-day event hosted by the 1st Mission Support Command at the U.S. Army Reserve Center on December 9, 10, and 11.

The purpose of the event was to provide command teams with information on topics including people, preparedness, maintenance and sourcing. Every day, the command teams were informed about different materials by the experts of the subject.

“The purpose of the Commander Forum is to enable command teams and senior civilians at all levels to stay up to date with the latest program updates as they come ready to impact them and the soldiers themselves,” said Major Heath Dickinson, MSC plan officer 1. .

Major Dickinson also stated that the result is to fill the knowledge gaps in command teams and give them the tools they need to work at their specific level.

Guest speakers on the first day included Major General Dustin A. Shultz, the director of the strategic operations office of the G357, the Deputy Chief of Staff traveling from Washington DC to Puerto Rico. The topic of discussion was Multi-Domain Operations, which focused on large-scale combat operations against enemies in land, air, sea, space and cyberspace.

“We joined to become something bigger than ourselves, we joined because there is a real threat out there,” said Major General Shultz. “We have to go to a theater to see really bad things. There is a threat and we act with awareness of this threat.”

Other topics included Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Military, command climate trends, retention initiatives, and much more.

Command Sergeant. Seeking to address company-level issues, Major Meunier, 1st MSC commanding sergeant, took advantage of the office lunch hours to talk to senior NCOs of his command teams about communication, training and preparation.

“When I sent the information… [sending it out] reaching your soldiers is incredible,” said the Commanding Sergeant. Major Meunier. “I need your help to fix this.”

The second day of the forum focused on the preparedness of the soldiers. The Army Reserve pursues modernization by investing in and integrating new combat concepts and capabilities. As well as developing highly trained, disciplined and appropriate teams with the skills and equipment to meet current operational requirements.

1. The MSC commander, Colonel Carlos Cáceres, said: “The main purpose is to take care of the soldiers and what that means … We have to look after our soldiers when they wear uniforms and when they don’t.” “What goes on in their personal lives directly affects preparedness.”

To follow this plan, the forum discussed the roles of command teams in the commander’s unit status report, mobilization, and training management. Alongside a cumulative training update for fiscal years 2023-24, staff evaluates advocacy trends and command team best practices. “Be part of something bigger than yourself, change the world,” said Major General Shultz as he returned for the awards ceremony.

Lieutenant Colonel Blake Price, battalion commander of the 393rd Combat Resume Support Battalion, talked about how the forum created cohesion and synchronization across the 1st MSC leadership and the entire organization.

“[The forum] allows us to acquire many different resources and meet staff, [point of contacts] for different agencies, which we usually don’t get to unless a problem arises… This gives command groups a chance to get resources, conversations and conversations, and lessons learned from their experience,” said Lt Col Blake Price.

The Commander Forum’s main goal is to increase the efforts of command teams to take care of their number one priority, their soldiers.

210 Regional Support Group Supervision personnel manager Manuel Vergne said what he took out of the incident was face-to-face interactions with most of the command teams and sharing understanding of the mission and vision the commander had put forth.

“Traditionally, the Commander Forum is something that is done at the field level, here at 1st MSC we do things down to the company level,” said Colonel Richard Aviles, deputy commander of the 1st MSC. “Allowing the one-star commander to address the new requirements directly to the line units, integrating the needs of the Army, and also a chance for younger junior officers to learn about it and live one-on-one with the 1st MSC commander.”

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